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Decaying Beauty 3

Title : Decaying Beauty
Author : pandorasbox88
Rating : PG
Disclaimer : I own everything...........really.
Gendre : Romance
Chapter : 3
Summary : One dead girl's tale of love and loss..........
Comments : Who wants to be normal, anyway ?

I lived in a dorm room by myself.  It had two sets of bunk beds, armoire and one full bathroom.  Pierre-Jacques lived in the room right next to me !  I had one upstairs neighbour.  Her name was Fabienne.  She had tight auburn curls, clear blue eyes and,  a very slim build.  Fabienne was a curious girl.  She came to my room  from time to charge her mobile phone.  One time she caught me looking at the boy.  He was My Secret.

From my window, I would see him snow one single cigarette and drink a cup of expresso from those tiny european coffee cups.  He would stare at the stars. 

One night, I pretended to take a walk by myself.  He saw me.  He said Hello.  I could not form words let alone sentences.  He had two rich, warm coffee-coloured pupils, I could see the twilight in them.

I had to fight myself hard to keep my self-control.  Then those words just slipped out...........................

Je.............t'                 aime..............

And he said moi aussi.

The encounter ended with a long, wet french kiss..........

I went upstairs to bed.

Mmmmmmmmm.......I had toasty dreams.......

 By the way, sorry to tell this story little by little, but there isn't much in here, you know.

Oh, I forgot to mention I was only sixteen when I died, but for some very strange reason I aged very slowly my entire life.  I looked as though I was twelve.
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