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Decaying Beauty

Title : Decaying Beauty
Author : pandorasbox88
Rating : PG
Disclaimer : I own everything...........really.
Gendre : Romance
Chapter : 2
Summary : One dead girl's tale of love and loss..........
Comments : Who wants to be normal, anyway ?

Every high school in the world had one hot boy, but in our case we had nature's most unflawed specimen, her greatest work of art.  The first time I saw him he was walking past a long row of lockers, holding his schoolbag.

Then I was standing in the schoolyard one day, when a car pulled up and stopped.  That boy was wearing a bright red tee-shirt and sitting in the back seat. He was looking out the window and his left palm was pressed against the glass.

These however, were not the moments that I fell in love with him.  No, the coup foudre hit the next day.  I saw him playing billards with three other boys in the game hall downstairs. I saw him and could not even draw a breath Only three single words swam in my mind: I WANT HIM.... He was  wearing a clean, off-white tee-shirt and freshly wrinkled blue jeans.  He had a body so mouthwatering that even the greek gods would have been jealous.  And, believe me I know a thing or two about greek gods.  The boy definately had je ne sais quoi.

Everything in that school we did in french.  I that was totally okay with me.  I liked french.  I knew that was a great way to get into his heart.  He did not comprehend a drop of english.  Which was good because I wrote in my diary all about him in english. 
Let just come out and say it......He had no money at all.  I didn't care in the least.  The only income his family had was from a small cafe they owned on the Rive Droite in Paris.  Pierre- Jacques worked there alongside his parents and identical twin sisters up until the time he came to boarding school, he came about three days later then the rest of us.  I never told him a word about my family, or their money.  Notice, i said their money, not mine.
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