incognito (loveliza) wrote in all_things_love,

Cosmic Gift - A love poem...

Five minutes before midnight
Under full moon, I come just in time
I felt like Cinderella, missing a shoe
Just in time, i was guided to you
In time to see your magnetic eyes
Proof that the universe doesn't lie
Merging us together, the definition of fate
Let me in as your only mate
The windows of your soul always give me a sign
That strikes me all over, from my head to my spine
I wish I could live inside your eyes
As I wish you'd wish to live in mine
Proof that love exists, a confirmation of hope
No need to feel guarded, attached to a rope
Whenever I see you, there's peers all around
Let's go to place where we'll never be found
Clones of pretty girls and posers who mooch
Our love for eachother is the only truth
Forget the others, only i can truly shine
It's all an illusion until our hearts combine
Together in eternity, all our past lives
You're my warrior, a hero from medieval times
My heart's on fire, only you can ease the flame
Stubborn barriers are the only to blame
Our special moments are so brutally brief
A loss of closer as it's time for all to leave
Leaving me with feelings no one can believe
Moments more memorable than a wild sky dive
An adrenalin rush that defeats all fears and lies
The wall between us is heaven's gate
Hold me in your arms to erase every hate
Lets merge together, a life of pleasure
Written in the stars, and no one will ever
Love you like i do, a love that's forever
Soon we will see, this beautiful reality
So simple, one on one, just you and me
Lets escape this room of false people
Lets for once be alone, erasing all evil
We'll look into our eyes, for once no distractions
Melting together, rapture concluding all of our actions
We'll indulge in our love that's been lovingly blessed
By guided angels who've realized our love is the best
The angels of heaven have fulfilled their task
Uniting our pure souls together, forever to last
Lets run away from this unreliable world
Away from the users and whorish girls
Who contaminate your gentle soul
A soul so genuine, wasted by fools
I'll destroy the false ego you think you possess
You're back down to earth as it's time to confess
That you are my soulmate, it's simple as that
No other way to put it, and that is a fact
We'll get lost in eachother as we begin to kiss
Transported to an island of pure electric bliss
In my dreams I bring you into my room
We confess our passion, another blue moon
A candlelight cuddle, an eternal pleasure
As we physically express our love together
A pleasure undefinable, a special act of love
A proof that miracles can come from above
Our souls have the power to heal
Every evil we've suffered, for our love is real
I'll evaporate any scars of your pain
And replenish it with love, your shelter from rain
Through all of our sorrow, leading us to now
Meant to be, so lucky, no need to say how
No more distractions, as no one is occupied
Trusting our love throughout all our past lives
I need you're soul as you need me
Power to turn salvation into reality
We can't stop now, until we have it all
You're the only one to catch my fall
Lets enjoy life's lottery of finding our half
Our awareness and joy to forever last
Pat yourself on the back, I'm all you need
Close your beautiful eyes, and dream about me
We've finally made it, no need to be afraid
You can trust me to cure you and set you free
Don't be afraid, just let yourself in
I'll hold you tight with a love beyond genuine
Stay with me, you'll forever be safe
From any trouble and sadness you fear to face
I call you my miracle yet it's only begun
This journey and completion of eternal love
Now lay asleep my dearest treasure
As you feel our energy melting together
You're who i love, on the top of my list
You're the key to my lock, you're my cosmic gift.
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