xobaby_x (xobaby_x) wrote in all_things_love,

i thought it'd be diffrent this time arround.
i guess i was wrong... as usual

(for the girlss !)
when your little your mom always said something like "guys suck" or "love hurts"
and they say it so much that we start thinking "well it cant be that bad"  but then
i realized, until a girl has had her heart broken, she will never really understood
exactly what her mother was talking about.

there's this feeling you get right before you break down crying.
a feeling of pain,pressure, and fear. a feeling that i know all to well.

when i was little i never thought love could
hurt as much as it does. oh but i was oh so
very wrong!

(on cutting)
"i guss it was the only kind of pain i could control."
  -elle from degrassi

hope you likee
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