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Gameboy❤Gamegirl: This is not a lovestory

Last year I made an acquaintance with someone I'll never forget in my entire life.
Even if things didn't run like they were supposed to be it was the best time I ever  had.
I met him last summer, it was more coincidental.
He made a comment on one of my pictures by using a pretty ridiculous and and hyperbolic German.
If Goethe had heard it he would probably roll over in his grave.
Nevertheless he had his own way of being cute and charming and was even able to make my day  with his bunch of sugar icing he always used when he made comments.
Until now I don't understand why I fell for him but something special existed between us from the beginning.
I suppose both of us will never forget.
I was always aware of the fact that he was a womanizer who's buttering up the girls.
All the time he hadn't the intention to get these girls laid but rather to pay homage on the poetic virtues of glorify the feminity.
I guess he got this idea of romantic from these numerous drama he read.
Among these also Goethe's "Die Leiden des jungen Werther".
I loved him for this since I've never met a man that was literate and a total dork at the same time.
I've never had as much fun with anybody than with him.
Female beings seemed to brawl over him even if he wasn't the type of guy you would that be expected that from.
Actually he wasn't as handsome as a model but had striking facial features, pale skin, always dark circles around this eyes and a seely figure.
Nevertheless offered this young man congeniality and a way of being himself and expressing himself without restrain that really impressed me deeply.
Thitherto I thought that this kind became extinct but he disabused me.
This is the story about a romance that changed my life but it's not a love story.

 The essence of a love attachment: Readiness to make sacrifices, respect and Illusion. Kainto

This is not the full story of course it's just the introduction <3
I promised him that I'll write about us : )
Comments would make me happy, thank you <3

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