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Decaying Beauty

Title : Decaying Beauty
Author : pandorasbox88
Rating : PG
Disclaimer : I own everything...........really.
Gendre : Romance
Chapter : 1
Summary : One dead girl's tale of love and loss..........
Comments : Yeah, I know it's different, but please tell me if you like it ok?

Hello. I am very lucky if you are reading this story.  I didn't think anyone would read it.  The reason is I am telling you this story from inside a box.  my box.  My coffin to be exact. I'm Pandora.  I am inside my box.  Pandora's box, get it ?  I'm dead.  Decaying, very literally as we speak.  Right at this very moment, my flesh and skin is an olive green colour and oozing away.  The only good thing is that my hair and fingernails are growing really long again.

The reason why ? love. That's right all this for a boy. one boy,  I was a beautiful, young girl.  Probably one of the most beautiful girls on the planet.  People would actually tell me that...........really.  He too, was equally beautiful.  The boy, however, is not in the same situation as me.  He is happy and, of course very much
ALIVE.  I will tell you how I know this my story unfolds.

I was only seventeen when I died. The boy was sixteen and a half.  I was the only child of filthy rich parents.  They were oil tycoons.  Being an only girl, my mother and father decided to send me to boarding school in a very, very small village in the South of France called Noirmoutiers.  From the very first hour, coup foudre hit  me.............Pierre-Jacques Lafontier.  The french have such silky, creamy names, don't they ? 

 Yum. He was smoking hot !...............
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