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I sit here and wonder, what it is I should do. Then I realize, nothing. They can't possibly fathom how much this means to us. We have crossed the line by a hundred feet, that we can't possibly concern ourselves with what the future may hold. 

All I need to know is here and now. How I feel about you this very moment, and how that emotion will continue to deepen with every second. You are my best friend, the love of my life, and so much more. With this in mind, I won't worry about the end result. 


Just an idea I wrote the other day in my actual journal. I don't know why it is I posted it here. Maybe because there hasn't been any posting since August, or because I posted it in my journal in the name of love. 

Why I wrote it? Because my friends have been voicing their concerns about how attached my boyfriend and I are to each other. And how damaged we both will be emotionally once we break up. But, the way I see it is, if we should break up, it will not be until further down the road. And, we can't hold back now, we have come to far. I want to ride this love out for as long as I can, and until then, I won't worry about our love's fate, and neither should they.
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