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♥ let's be a Kodak couple && smile in all pictures
look silly when we take them && laugh all day
until we run out of film

♥ Why did people say they were falling in love? Why didn't they step into love or slide into it like a baseball player heading for home? Was it the thrill, like jumping off a high dive, or the fear of not knowing how you might land? - Diane Les Becquets, Love, Cajun Style

♥ Turn up the music, and fall in love with me.

♥ Everyone has that one obstacle
they have to get over. I have to
get over that summer, and you.

♥ * loving someone is one thing
being loved by someone that`s another
but bein loved by the person you love...
well that's e v e r y t h i n g *

♥ Love is like spinning in circles on a summer day. It feels great at first and exciting and slowly when you start to fall you realize how much it hurts. You will always have that grass stain on your jeans like a scar on your heart. But soon enough when someone helps you back onto your feet -there you are spinning again.

♥ “It's nice to smile when I get your phone call at night but, I'd rather have you here with me right next to me.”

♥ Pay attention to the ones who care before trying to get the attention of the ones who don't.

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